The Yield Family


Chris has been in Dogpatch since 2006 when he opened Yield Wine Bar. He has experience sourcing hard-to-find organic and biodynamic wine and building lasting relationships with his customers. Chris is at Yield To-Go Wednesday through Friday, and you may even see him delivering your Quarantine Wine case.

When he’s not at the bar with his sweet dog Denver, Chris enjoys spending time with his two adorable children, and he is the official #1 SF Giants fan.



With experience in logistical planning for large scale events such as the Democratic National Convention, America’s Cup, World Cup, U.S. Open and Masters Golf Tournament, as well as fundraisers, conferences and alumni reunions for Universities such as NYU and Columbia, Lindsay brings a special je ne sais quoi to Yield. We call her our “Marketing Maven” and she can be seen managing our social media feeds and rubbing elbows at Yield To-Go on Saturday nights.

When she's not researching the latest trends and tasting delicious wines, she can be found with her adorable dog, Teddy, and her two rad kids.





Denver is a 12-year-old red heeler so herding is in his DNA. He doesn’t have sheep at home but he has Chris' children and they keep him busy! Denver loves going to his shifts in Dogpatch Wednesday - Friday as he gets a chance to relax and nap between helping our wonderful customers. Denver is a people-pup and will most likely lumber your way as you enter to lean on your leg while waiting for ear scratches.


Teddy, Ted, Theodore, Teddy Finn, Finn or TF depending on who you ask (One of his kids named him Finn and the other Teddy) is a 3-year-old white lab who is always down for a good time.  He works Saturday nights at Yield and it’s all fun and games for this sweet boy.   He’ll pop up from his position in the front of the bar and greet you with a smile and wag of his tail.  He loves pretty much everyone and is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet.

Lindsay and Chris' meeting was pure kismet via their kids' elementary school. Over discussions about how to facilitate a much-needed parent's night out, these two discovered their mutual love of wine and bringing together their community. The rest, as they say, is history.